Here Are 19 Funny Jewish Women You Should Follow On Twitter

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Here Are 19 Funny Jewish Women You Should Follow On Twitter
By Jenny Singer
March 8, 2019

Bette Midler is one of 19 Jewish Women you should follow on Twitter

We’ve rounded up the funniest, spiciest Jewish women on Twitter. Follow them! It will elevate their voices and your endorphins. If you’re going to be letting your time free-fall through the bottomless pit of the internet, you should at least be doing it with these ladies.


Breakthrough Jewish comedian Catherine Cohen is quite possibly the voice of her generation.


Sure, sex is cool, but have you tried following Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s Twitter? For the price of one “follow” of the 90-year-old, you will get sex advice, education, tips, anecdotes, celebrity gossip, and political commentary from the professional sharpshooter-turned-sex-therapist.


Comedian Alison Stevenson describes herself as a “mouthy Jew.”


Jackie Hoffman, current star of Yiddish “Fiddler on the Roof,” always star of our hearts, has one of the most candid twitters in the game.


Run by writer Sarah Solomon, urbanJAP is a perfect parody of Jewish women stereotypes that aren’t hateful, just, well, I mean, look at this —


Julie Klausner: the people’s comedian.


Nicole Silverberg writes for “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” and used to edit Reductress. And sometimes, she reports on tragedies…


Marcia Belsky is the comedian I would most like to emcee my funeral.


Alison Leiby writes for “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” so you don’t need to know too much more to hit that “follow.”


Reading Jill Gutowitz’s tweets feels like drinking a chocolate milkshake while getting a warm hug.


Dweck writes for “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” She always knows just the right thing to say.


Comedian Judy Gold is a filterless Jewish aunt who lives in your computer screen. A true gift.


Maris Kreitzman is the most underrated funny person on Twitter, and she also seems kind.


Maura Quint is a journalist who will cheer you up, even if she doesn’t cheer herself up.


Twitter Bette Midler is more delightful than you would ever guess.


Come to Orli Matlow’s Twitter for the political comedy, stay for the jokes that make you want to have a son just so you can educate him well.


Jack may have invented Twitter, but Megan Amram owns it.


“Elana Del Gay: the Jewish Queer Lana” is exactly what it says it is — an account that tweets Lana del Ray lyrics, but with more Judaism and gay-ness. And thank god for that.

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