Bette Midler: Always Proud Of Her ‘Boys’ + Video

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Bette Midler’s Always Been Proud Of Her ‘Boys’
By Hollywood Outbreak
November 23, 2021

James Caan & Bette Midler in For The Boys
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“For The Boys” Garners More Fans Over The Years

Thirty years ago, Bette Midler and James Caan starred in a movie that — at the time — most people wanted to forget, For The Boys.. While it had a successful limited release in two theaters the weekend before Thanksgiving in 1991, its wide release the following weekend proved disastrous. It only earned $4.5 million dollars and was gone from most theaters by Christmas, its $17.8 million gross falling well short of the film’s $40 million budget.

Over the years, though, the movie has picked up its share of fans, and it even spawned a musical stage adaptation. Midler would say that’s a case of the movie finally getting its due because when it was released, she was convinced it was the best movie she’d made up to that point.

Video: Bette Midler Sings “Stuff Like That There”

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3 thoughts on “Bette Midler: Always Proud Of Her ‘Boys’ + Video

    1. Well from being around her for awhile along with the people that know. Plus even after college I studied human behavior a lot, I got the impression she could be quite impulsive. Im the same way. But there are pros and cons to it and I felt she dealt with it better than I do. ive heard her say The Rose was her best acting, maybe favorite movie and it was a shame Hollywood did not capitalize on that. I even heard rumors some felt she was so good they just didn’t know what to do with her. I heard even executives, even Disney felt she couldn’t play a romantic lead because of her looks which I didn’t understand. Ive heard her say For The Boys was her best and recently Hocus Pocus. So it may be whatever movie they re praising her about is her favorite. I know FTB’s was her baby, but it still did not come across to me as her best. The Rose blew me away and spoiled me for the rest. Just my opinion

  1. I thought Bette Midler has always considered “THE ROSE” the best film she ever made. I know she considers it the best rock and roll movie ever made. She and James Caan must have made up since at one time she admitted she felt he “could have been better” in it (after he had criticized the film during its disappointing release.) I might mention the movie theater I went to see it in was in Topeka, Kansas on it’s opening weekend and it was absolutely packed…we could barely find seats. In fact the only other Bette Midler movie I have been to that was this crowded was “FIRST WIVES CLUB” in 1996. I was surprised and disappointed when it flopped. However, I also felt the film was not nearly as good as I had hoped. Overall I felt lightning did not strike twice in terms of Mark Rydell (who directed “THE ROSE”) reuniting with Bette for this film.

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