Video: Bette Midler Sings ‘Sold My Soul To Rock n’ Roll’ from “The Rose”

Bette Midler Sings 'Sold My Soul To Rock n' Roll' from "The Rose"
<strong><em>bette midler sings sold my soul to rock n roll from the rose<em><strong>

Sold My Soul To Rock And Roll – Bette Midler:

Mister D: From Bette Midler’s 4 times nominated Oscar movie including Best Actress, Bette Midler, and Best Supporting Actor, Frederic Forest. Both lost. Midler to Sally Field in “Norma Rae” and Forest to Melvyn Douglas, “Being There” Bette blew Sally away in this field, but she did not know the politics of winning an Oscar. And I don’t believe she is much into playing them. But she tried a decade or so later a little bit when she was nominated for For The Boys. She said the physicality of singing with a great rock and roll band was physically painful, but she loved it. Influences used in the movie, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Bramlett, Grace Slick, and more men. I loved she mentioned Bonnie Bramlett, she co-wrote ‘Superstar‘ with Leon Russell, because her outfit just smacked of Bramlett in that Midnight in Memphis/When A Man Loves A Woman concert scene. Notice the Stevie Nicks twirls and her getting up from sitting in front of the drum set drinking liquor straight from the bottle. The physical distortions she made back to the microphone were pure Joe Cocker and also Bramlett, who seemed to like drinking straight from the bottle, too. This scene is very physical and reminded me of old Mick Jagger, and make no mistake about it, there was always a touch of Bette, that made it magical.

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