Bette Midler TV: You’re Scared Of Our Vaginas

You’re Scared Of Our Vaginas
Written By Eric Kornfeld
Music Director, Marc Shaiman
Vocals, The Divine Miss M

Justice Thomas, it’s distressin’
The sins you ain’t confessin’
We saw you on the plane

You could judge women Fairly
And Have Ethics More Than Barely
If You Only Had A Brain

Neil and Brett, you spiteful judges
We gals are holding grudges
Keep Church and State apart

You Could Be Less Disruptive
In All Matters Reproductive
If You Only Had A Heart

You Three,
Entitled Wealthy Men
You Think Women Are Like Cattle In A Pen
Except We Vote
So Think Again

Sam Alito Says We’re Witches
He Made Us Psycho Bitches
With Judgements Assinine

You Unfairly Malign Us
Cause You’re Scared Of Our Vaginas
Pack Your Bible And Resign

I have one question Sam
Do You Control Your Own Body?

Thumbs Down To Autocracy
We’re Saving Our Democracy
So Life Can Be Divine!


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