BootLeg Betty

Just A Quote (As Of 1:00 PM, this is a re-edit! – Thanks Shelly!)

Mister D: I saw this quote on Google. I’m sure Bette was just kidding when she said this, so all…

Trailer For “Jinxed” (Thanks Richie)

Give the person who posted this some kudos… Love, Mister D

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose: 3 Videos For The Weekend

Everybody have a great weekend! Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did. Of course, if something important…

Small, Small Clip of Bette Talking Elton For His Birthday Concert (Thanks Jonathan!)

Mister D: Photo: Michelle (Thank You) (Bette At Delgreco’s for His Furniture Store and NYRP’s Union) Thanks to Jonathan we…

Small Pics Of Bette At Elton’s 60th Birthday Party

Bette and Martin arriving at Elton’s 60th Birthday Party: Click Here