Video: Lullaby Of Broadway ~ Bette Midler

BetteBack 1976: You Should Be An Actress!

BUCKS COUNTY COURIER TIMES Midnight Earl By Earl Wilson MONDAY, JANUARY 5 1976 Lord Laurence Olivier went twice to tell…

Video: In The Mood ~ Bette Midler

BetteBack 1975: The Divine Miss M Explodes On The L.A. Scene

Press Telegram The Divine Miss M Explodes On The L.A. Scene December 30, 1975 Bette Midler‘s back. Funnier, more sensitive…

Video: Delta Dawn ~ Bette Midler

BetteBack 1975: Bette’s a Well Woman

Oakland Tribune Bette’s a Well Woman By PETER COWAN December 22, 1975 Bette Midler opened her show from a hospital…

BetteBack 1975: Bette’s Tour Will Begin At Berkeley

San Mateo Times BETTE’S BACK November 20, 1975 When she first hit headlines, she was called “The Divine Miss M‘…

BetteBack 1975: She Really Likes Aaron Russo

State Times Advocate Hollywood Hotline Thursday, November 20, 1975

BetteBack 1975: “Depression” To Hit The Road (Look At The Prices!)

BetteBack 1975: Bette To Release “Songs For The New Depression” Dec. 1

Times-Picayune On The Scene By Frank Gagnard Tuesday, November 11, 1975

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