BetteBack February 2, 1976: Bette Midler And Lord Olivier Becoming Fast Friends

Bette Midler and Lord Olivier have become fast friends ever since he caught two of her performances in Los Angeles.

Ya Gotta Have Friends! But Be Careful

Goalcast55 Fake Friends Quotes to Make You Rethink Your RelationshipsBy Stephen JohnJanuary 7, 2022 Fake Friends Surround You. Only A Few…

Buzzy Linhart, Eccentric, Eclectic Singer-Songwriter Dies At 76. Co-Writer Of “Friends”, Bette Midler’s Theme Song

New York TimesA prominent figure on the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s, he wrote songs performed by Bette…

Video: Bette Midler With Barry Manilow – Friends – Gay Pride 1973

Vito Russo On The Gay Pride March 1973 With Bette Midler & Barry Manilow “The rally used to be a…

Bette Midler – Wind Beneath My Wings – Diva Las Vegas – 1997

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