Spring Picnic Gala Confirmation

I just got it confirmed that Spring Picnic Tix will start at 1000.00 instead of the usual 250.00 and 500.00…

Spring Picnic Update #2

It has just been confirmed that the spring picnic will be held at Gracie Mansion on May 25th, and a…

Spring Picnic Gala Update

I just talked with NYRP yesterday and they said they were currently scouting for a location to hold the annual…

BetteHead Chatter: Spring Picnic Date

Kim: I asked NYRP about when the Spring picnic was and they replied , New York Restoration Project wrote: “Yes…

Bette’s Entrance To NYRP’s Spring Picnic 2010

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Reminder: Bette’s Spring Picnic – Get Your Tickets Now!

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Update: Spring Picnic Honorary Guests

Who are the honorary guests this year?

Update: Buy Spring Picnic Tix Online

Buy your Spring Picnic Tix online!!!

Update: Spring Picnic

Updates on the Spring Picnic

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