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Sunday, August 25, 2013

BetteBack July 19, 1982: Jinxed Pushed Back To October

Santa Ana Orange County Register July 19, 1982 J003 FEAST OR FAMINE: Bette Midler will really have cause for depression if her “Jinxed” flick doesn’t become a major box office hit. Because the way things are stacking up, it’s going into the marketplace when competition couldn’t get much weaker. The Midler movie (originally scheduled for release this spring, then pushed back until summer and, recently, until October), is going to be one of just 17 features that will be unveiled by Hollywood studios between late September and the Christmas season. Most of the rest are low-budget, no-name productions — many of such questionable potential that plans for wide release won’t be made until audience interest is gauged in a few key, big-city markets. Universal has one feature slated for autumn distribution: the grisly “Halloween III.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BetteBack 1976: Bette Releases “Strangers In The Night” As First Single Off New Album

Syracuse Post Standard January 3, 1976 Bette Midler‘s first concert tour in years, interrupted when the “Divine Miss M” had to undergo an appendectomy, is back on the road. Supported by material from a new album, Bette launched the tour Sept. 10 in Seattle, Wash. Her appearance in the Northeast is expected within a month. Her new single is “Strangers in the Night.” Besides borrowing the Sinatra classic. Miss Midler has cut a version of the Patti Page oldie, “Old Cape Cod,” which also will be on the new album, entitled “Songs for the New Depression.”
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

BetteBack August 28, 1993: No Mudslinging At The Royals?

Winnipeg Free Press Miss M takes pity on royals August 28, 1993 THE DIVINE Miss M is not normally one to forgive and forget. Yet Bette Midler is promising not to throw any mud at the royal family during her upcoming concert tour, her first in 10 years. Her saucy quips about the Queen (“She’s the whitest woman in the world”) and Princess Anne (“She loves na ture despite what it did to her”) are legendary. “I feel so sorry for all of them,” said Midler, 47, in a telephone interview. “They’re so beleaguered. They’re so beaten up. It’s all so sad.” Could it be that Midler has mellowed? Will there be no more outrageous “trash with flash” like we saw in her 1980 concert movie, Divine Madness? Will she no longer be telling people exactly where they can go if they can’t take a joke? Of course not. Not when she’s promising a show that will see the return of her wheelchair-riding, wise-cracking mermaid Dolores DeLago, “the toast of Chicago,” as well as the bawdy Soph, her tribute to Sophie Tucker. Midler is also returning with the Harlettes, her chorus of vampy back-up singers.
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Visit The New Bette Midler Forum

Mister D: From the same people on Facebook that brought you  BetteMidlerFansite, BetteMidlerMovies, BetteMidlerMusic, BetteMidlerLove, they now bring you the new Bette Midler Forum where you can talk non-stop about Bette Midler all day. To get there, just: Click Here Congrats ladies!
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Monday, April 18, 2011

BetteHead Chatter: SmartTalk (Thanks Kim)

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Friday, April 8, 2011

BetteHead Chatter: Bette In The Mags!

Riss: BETTE IS IN US WEEKLY!! she is in the April 11th edition on page 20 with Sophie and she is in the March 28th issue on page 47 with Bruce 🙂 [7 Apr 11 18:30:45]
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

BetteHead Chatter: Louboutins And More

Anne: Bette is wearing Christian Louboutins heels, I guess:) Love it!!!!! Nicola: Martin standing looking slightly bemused as Neil Diamond sings: Click Here Riss: March 8th Bette was shopping at Barneys: Click Here Nicola: A tiny clip of Bette singing backup for Paul Mccartney in 98: Click Here
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Friday, February 11, 2011

BetteHead Chatter: Interview With New Leaf Chef (Thanks Kim)

Kim: For those of us who have never made it to New Leaf- Here’s a short interview with their chef.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Updated: BetteHead Chatter: “Casting By” Confirmed As True

Mister D Update: This has been confirmed as true Mister D: As you’ll see below, Kim did some awesome detective work. I haven’t gotten this confirmed yet, but something tells me I don’t really need to….LOL Kim: Hey Betteheads I checked IMDB and it says Bette will appear as herself in Casting By coming out in 2012. It looks like it will really happen becuase one of their posts on October 20th says- CASTING BY interview today with Bette Midler. She told us how casting legend, Marion Dougherty was responsible for her career. Props to New York’s A…lgonquin Hotel for their wonderful suite! Plus that is the day she tweeted from the Algonquin. Anne: Kim: Wow that is cool:). Yes I remembered those tweets of hers when she was at the Algonquin Hotel “screaming at the wall paper” and “channeling Dorothy Parker.” I think I tweeted back saying something like she [as Dorothy Parker] was at the Algonquin to meet with the other Algonquin Round Table members. Of course I wasn’t expecting her to have read my tweet LOL! Mister D: Casting By is a feature length movie about casting directors…it’s a documentary with a cast of 100’s (not literally) of actors and actresses weighing in on the subject. IMDB has been so wrong in the past as far as Bette stuff I’ll try and see if she’s really participating. Here’s the link to the movie: Mister D: With Kim’s detective work it seems this will be for real, but I always like to check….when it comes to IMDB or Wikipedia…. Kim: Mr D. That would be great if you could check on Casting By. I also wouldn’t expect her role to be more than a few minutes, but at least wel’ll have something to look forward to.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

BetteHead Chatter: Spring Picnic Date

Kim: I asked NYRP about when the Spring picnic was and they replied , New York Restoration Project wrote: “Yes there is! The Spring Picnic Gala will happen on May 25th. If you would like us to remind you about this date and the pricing of the tickets, please email us at!” It’s a Wednesday. Mister D: The date has been known to change in the past, but for now this seems to be the official date.  So mark your calendars!
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