BetteHead Chatter: 12-5-2010

BetteHead Jan wrote in about the mysterious live CD that popped up yesterday called The Divine Miss M In Perfomance to be released January 11th overseas, but available to us lowly Americans as an import, and it seems it may be the perfomances from Art or Bust finally. Here’s the link to what Jan found: Click Here

Just for the heck of it, here’s the line-up of songs:

Nr LÃ¥tar Artist Lyssna
1 Pink Cadillac (Live) Bette Midler
2 Cadillac Walk (Live) Bette Midler
3 Better Not Look Down (Live) Bette Midler
4 All I Need To Know (Live) Bette Midler
5 Pretty Legs (And Great Big Knockers) (Live) Bette Midler
6 Is It Love (Live) Bette Midler
7 My Eye On You (Live) Bette Midler
8 Proud Mary / We Are Family (Live) Bette Midler
9 In The Mood (Live) Bette Midler
10 I Will Survive (Live) Bette Midler
11 Favorite Waste Of Time (Live) Bette Midler
12 Broken Bicycles (Live) Bette Midler
13 Everyone’s Gone To The Moon (Live) Bette Midler
14 Here Comes The Flood (Live) Bette Midler
15 Stay With Me (Live) Bette Midler
16 The Rose (Live) Bette Midler

I have a feeling this may be right since they only mentioned “Showgirl” to me as a DVD. Thanks Jan….

Love, Mister D

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14 thoughts on “BetteHead Chatter: 12-5-2010

  1. Does anyone know the likelyhood of Showgirl veing released on dvd? I never got to go due to health reasons. I know they are showing it on HBO but being in the UK I can’t get that. X

      1. Toby…if you’re talking about Art or Bust I have a good feeling it will be released in Europe first. As for a DVD I don’t know….

  2. AMAZING! I´ve been waiting so long for a good quality!

    do you know if it will come out in Europe (Germany) as well?

    and is a DVD planned?

  3. Phantastic! Here comes the Flood is one of my favourite performances ever!!!
    On the link it says it’s gonna be available as a CD and as a DVD.

    1. Cool…I didn’t see that. Since it’s an import for us in the US I bet we can’t use the DVD unless they release it over here too…

  4. I can’t find where it says anything about a DVD….I also heard from Bette’s people….they didn’t know anything about it. That could be bad news if they don’t want it out there….I don’t know why she wouldn’t though….

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