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Bucks County Courier Times
Bette Midler is a knockout
Owner Times Special Writer

From the moment she walked on stage wearing what looked like one of Sophie Tacker’s old corsets, Better Midler was an unqualified smash hit.

“Tbe Daring Miss M” as she humbly refers to herself, closes at the Bijou Cafe in Philadelphia, where she has been knocking over crowds with a full hour’s worth of pure talent and a truly artistic brand of showmanship.

Her level of intensity is amazing. She comes on strong, lifting her audience within seconds to an incredible high and manages to keep them there for the entire act.

As a songstress, Bette’s repertoire is as varied and unique as her stage personality. Perhaps because she was in Philadelphia, she sang a medley of native oldies that took us al! back to the days of brylream and pimples. “Lowrent retro rock and roll,” she calls it, and quipped, “what have you all been doing around here since American Bandstand went off the

“Go Cho-Choo,” a tribute to the Andrew Sisters was equally delightful. “You know, they were so together they could raise their eyebrows in unison.”

Other renditions included “Am I Blue?” an old torch song really worth listening to when Bette sings it, and her famous spoof on “Leader of the Pack.’

For a gal who admitted that “all I know about Philadelphia is Grace Kelly,” Miss M. did extraordinarily well in front of Local
nightdubbers. Called back for two encores, she left her fans on their feet screaming for more. If it were not for a crowd lined up half way down Broad St. for the 10 pm. show, I think she would have sung all night llong. She’s just that kind
of performer.

So if you’re not afraid to face the music (or the crowds), I urge you to fight your way into the Bijou Cafe for an unforgettable night of entertainment. Bette Midler makes you happy, damn happy. . and that’s not bad.

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