BetteHead Chatter: 12-21-2010

* Mihai: here’s a clip with the rehearsal of the showgirls (not the old one):

* Nicola: Hey, for the uk fans, Bette is in Hello Magazine this week. it’s already on sale. prince william and kate are on the front cover xx

* kim: Single tickets are on sale now for the Smart Women talk in Minneapolis: Click Here

* Mister D: And, oh, BTW…I forgot to set my DVR to record the Behar show…so if some sweet soul could upload it on You Tube I’m sure there would be a lot of grateful people. If not, I’ll try to borrow a friend’s recording of it if I can find one….don’t hurt me….and it was a good interview…..

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2 thoughts on “BetteHead Chatter: 12-21-2010

  1. Thanks for the update. That was last weeks issue which most shops would have sent back yesterday or this morning but panic not as if you visit their website you can order a back copy. XX

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