Liz Smith Confirms Bette Did Not Write Bush Letter

Mister D: Good advice …the first sentence!

LIz Smith
NY Post
March 11, 2004

BE WARY of what you read online! A letter purportedly written by Bette Midler to George W. Bush about gay marriage is all over the Web. The letter begs Bush to rethink his avowed intention to amend the Constitution. But the Divine One didn’t pen this plea. Friends say that while Bette agrees with the specifics of the missive, she is not the author.

On the same subject, Barbra Streisand, accepting an award from the Human Rights Campaign last weekend, spoke out. She said quite a bit, as is her wont, but I liked the simplicity of one remark, “How can anyone legislate who you can love?” (Here’s a newsflash for those stressed on this issue. It takes seven years to amend the Constitution, and Bush’s threat to do so is an election ploy; if he is re-elected, this will not be a top priority. There are more pressing issues for people – gay and straight – to get fired up. )

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