What Does This Say? Okay, We’ve Got Some Translations In Now (Thank you Jill and Sara, and Albert for stepping up to the plate!)

El Norte (México D.F., México); 5/8/2004
Byline: Roberto Villarreal
Una Chica Sensacional

(Aprendiendo a vivir/The Other Sister)

1999. Dir.: Garry Marshall. Con Diane Keaton y Juliette Lewis. Marshall es un realizador competente que se ha distinguido por su cine eficaz. Tiene películas maravillosas como “Eternamente amigas” con Bette Midler o malas y grandes mentiras glamorosas como “Mujer bonita” que lanzó a la Roberts al estrellato… Aquí tuvo un estrepitoso fracaso por querer hacer divertido al retraso mental: una muchacha ha salido de la institución donde ha pasado la mayor parte de su vida bajo tratamiento. Su rica madre la sobreprotege, pero ella desea independizarse. Luego conoce a otro joven que padece la misma limitación que ella y se enamora… Bajo su riesgo.

Translation to date:

1999. Dir. : Garry Marshall. With Diane Keaton and Juliette Lewis. Marshall is a competent producer that has himself been distinguished for his effective cinema. He has had marvelous movies being an “eternal friend” of Bette Midler’s or bad and large glamorous (I think that translates to big and bad) as “Pretty Woman” that launched to the Roberts to stardom.. Here he had an estrepitoso fail (noisy defeat???) by wanting to do an amusing al (paraphrased: do a comedy about mental illness?) mental delay: a girl has left of the institution where she has passed the majority of her life under processing (supervision). Her rich mother the sobreprotege (no clue?), but she desires independance. Then she meets another youth that suffers the same limitation and she and is courted. Under risk.

My friend Albert translated it basically to this: “he (Marshall) has had some marvelous movies, such as “Eternamente Amigas” (Beaches), (the title
used in Spain as well, which means “Eternally Friends” or vice-versa) to the truly bad such as “Pretty Woman”

Jill also threw in this joke from the old “Bette” series:

On the Bette series, when the agent is trying to find an award that Bette
is eligible for:

Agent: “Are you bilingual?”
Bette: “Uhhhhhhh, just one time in college”
Agent: “Are you a duck hunter?”
Bette: “Uhhhhhh, just one time in college”

Thanks Jill and Sara and Albert!

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