The Biography Channel: Bette Midler Bio Premiers June 9th


Show: Biography
Episode: Bette Midler
Network: (A&E) A&E Network
Date: Wednesday – June 09, 2004
Time: 08:00 pm – 10:00 pm ET

Photo: Reuters

The show will be repeated throughout the month…check local listings.

About: Bette Midler
There is nothing ordinary about Bette Midler. She has never failed to amuse, delight, provoke, inspire or entertain. This two-hour A&E BIOGRAPHY: BETTE MIDLER presents the first in-depth exploration of her amazing creative and personal journey: from her humble origins in the Hawaiian Islands to her Broadway debut in the chorus of “Fiddler On The Roof” to the pinnacle of the charts in American music. On display will be the intense drive, ambition and talent that propelled “The Divine Miss M” out of the chorus and into stardom – in nightclubs, records, TV, movies and concerts.

A&E BIOGRAPHY: BETTE MIDLER recalls that Bette’s road to success was not free from turmoil and trouble. At key points, poor choices were made that threatened to permanently derail her career. But she always persevered and worked harder than nearly everyone else and came back bigger and better than ever. Along the way, she became an Academy Award-nominated actress, a winner of multiple Emmys, a film producer, and one of the biggest stars in the Disney kingdom. She has also given selflessly to AIDS charities and put her money where her environmentalist mouth was by founding the New York Restoration Project. She also did what she swore she’d never to do – become a wife and mother. Bette Midler continues to seek out and meet new challenges, including a key role in the forthcoming film, “The Stepford Wives.”

This A&E BIOGRAPHY: BETTE MIDLER features audio and visual gems from her career, including early TV appearances unseen in 30 years, rare film clips, photos and other memorabilia, many of her record hits, clips from some of her movie blockbusters. Plus, many of Bette’s friends and colleagues offer insights into Bette’s life and career. Still, and always, she is the Divine Miss M.

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