20/20 Preview….Whatever!!!

A Preview of what you might see tonight on 20/20. I went to ABC’s site to check it out and am totally confused now, but that’s easy to do considering I am a natural blonde….but looking at 20/20’s website…it looks as if the whole hour will not be devoted to the SW’s…I saw at least one other segment mentioned. Also instead of Baba Wawa, their home page makes it seems as if the interview is being conducted by Deborah Roberts (and who is that? I don’t usually watch these shows, but I’d really like to see Baba Wawa, dammit!!!)

Hill’s co-star Bette Midler is also a singer and actress, who has balanced her career with a long-term marriage. “I was determined to have it work, you know,” said Midler. “And we did.”

Midler was 39 when she walked down the aisle at the Candlelight Chapel in Las Vegas. At the time she had known her fiancé, artist Martin Von Hasselberg, for just two months. While Bette pursued her career, her husband became a stay-at-home dad bringing up Sophie, their only child.

“What he has done, has been … as much or more important than the work that I’ve done,” said Midler. “And I tell him that all the time … [and] he agrees.”

Here’s the link: 20/20

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