Saturday Night Live 1979? (Thanks Leon!)

A regular BLB regular, Leon, from Texas wrote me about this the other day and I kind of sat on it til now…

If you go to and check out Saturday Night Live’s schedule…it says they are showing the old SNL from 1979 with Buck Henry and musical guest Bette Midler. The length of the show is one hour and 30 minutes…

The reason I state the length is that an edited version of the show has been showing for years but without Bette in it…she was always cut out and the show ran for only an hour or so…

I checked my Tivo and it picked up my Bette Midler alert…the show says 1 hour and 30 minutes. If they show the full show, then you will be seeing Bette sing “Married Men” (look for Luther Vandross as a background singer) and “Martha”….

Be forewarned that this episode may be edited…I just don’t trust the TV guides that much…if it is intact…well, it’s been almost 20 + years since this footage has been shown….

It airs at 12:01 (Central) early Sunday morning July 25th after the regular SNL, NBC (Central) runs…some would say it’s late Saturday….whatever!!!

Love, Mister D

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