Fools “Rush” In….


Photo: Great photo and wow…look at the size of that thing!

Wow…who knew Rush Limbaugh fans lurked among the BetteHeads? And filled with such vitriol…my, my, my!!! Or maybe ya’ll are just goons who scour the net to see if anyone says something you feel undeserving of your Queen Bee! (oh the prickly sting of your words!)

I guess I just didn’t know what it meant to be an American… From your “letters” Rush is “the heart and soul” of America; he’s 99% right on everything he talks about according to some 3-5 “independent” accounting firms (wtf?); all the “lefties” live in Hollywood and New York (as if); I’m a Hollywood/New York elite and would know nothing about the “heartland” (hello, it’s Tennessee here); and God, the flag, you, Bush, and Rush are the patriots. Must be nice living in your world or maybe not…I can’t quite make up my mind if I really want to go there…oops, flip flop…indecisive me…in Rush world there is no thinking….just, pardon the pun, rush reactions…

Anyway, boys, it’s been quite fun and entertaining today. I had a few laughs…loved the 4 letter word name-calling…nice touch that I’m sure was supposed to be intimidating and all that…but actually I found ya’ll to be just scary-funny….you know…creepy, but amusing.

But one dittohead (any other name would have been an insult to the word “right”) summed it up the best: Rush IS AMERICA!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! And you know, I stopped thinking about the upcoming election, the war in Iraq, the latest hurricane endangering my Floridian friends, and, of course, the new Fall season on TV …you know…anything of real importance.

Yes I pondered and pondered that statement: “RUSH IS AMERICA” and this is what I came up with….. That would make “America” a big, fat, stupid, multi-millionaire, drug-addled, balding, divorced (twice?), draft-dodging, cigar chomping, gun-toting, blathering idiot with boils on it’s ass…and frankly speaking…that’s just not the America I love and adore…

While we’re generalizing here (as so many of you do)…the fact that ya’ll are perusing (look it up) a Bette Midler fan site MUST mean you’re Gay!!! Welcome to our world!!!!

Good night gals!!!!

Love, Mister D

PS: Some of you might want to learn how to answer a question when asked for a source. “Rush says” doesn’t cut it…reading and research should be your tools….just some constructive criticism. I had to learn and so can you…

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