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Press Release Source: Pro8mm
Pro8mm, a Burbank Film Company in 8mm and Super8 Niche Market for 30+ Years, Expands Service to Digitize Home Movies for Public, Not Just Celebrities
Tuesday August 23, 11:00 am ET

BURBANK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 23, 2005–Pro8mm, a professional motion picture company that has been dedicated solely to the development and archiving of the small-film format since its founding in 1973, is now offering to digitally master old home movies for the public. That service, until just recently, has only been offered to Hollywood celebrities, presidents, well-known athletes and various industry leaders.

Pro8mm has transferred more than 10 million feet of regular8, super8 and 16mm film including work on the family archives of Richard Nixon, John Kerry, Henry Winkler, Sylvester Stallone, Bette Midler, Paul McCartney, Donny & Marie Osmond and many other well-known personalities.

In expanding his client base, the goal of Philip Vigeant, Pro8mm’s president, is to educate the public about the preservation of “home movies” they have shot on film between 1935 and 1985 prior to the “video revolution.”

“The incredible history and legacies of families are stashed away in boxes on rolls of film never to be seen or appreciated,” said Vigeant, “and it’s a horrible waste. We have the professional digital mastering technology — the same used when we work on Hollywood film productions — that we can transfer into a finished DVD so that people can enjoy what they have shot.”

Vigeant cautions home movie aficionados against using hobbyists or camera stores to digitize their film, pointing out that exposed film deserves the “utmost care by a highly trained film handler who can perform proper inspection and archival prep and cleaning.”

Steps in working on film at Pro8mm include replacing bad splices, adding high-quality leader, digitally scanning with the same type of equipment that is used in major motion pictures, and color timing each frame scene by scene for color and exposure. This technique of timing used in all professional film projects provides the sharpest possible image.

Vigeant pointed out that there was recently an “International Home Movie Day” which signaled an ever-growing worldwide interest in shooting, preserving and viewing home movies.

“Home movies are a living, recorded history of our lives, our families, our communities, relationships, celebrations … the way we looked, dressed and interacted. We believe that not only is it important to see these images, but it is equally critical to preserve them with integrity for future generations.”

Pro8mm’s DVD packages start at $295 with five copies to share. Information is online at and by calling 818-848-5522.

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