Aaron Russo’s New Documentary – “America: From Freedom to Fascism”

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SNEAK PREVIEW ”“ March 2, 2005

WHAT: America: From Freedom to Fascism

WHERE: Fine Arts Theater Beverly Hills, California — 8556 Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills (400+ seats)

WHEN: Thursday evening, March 2, from 7:00pm.

Photo: Aaron and Bette back in the day
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We urge everyone in California and the surrounding areas to make plans now to attend, and spread the word about this most important cinematic event. The film has received standing ovations in all six cities it has played in with incredible reviews.

Some Recent blog entries about the film including an entry from Aaron Russo
— besides those listed in the interviews below, we had ron paul, ex irs commissioner sheldon cohen, catherine austin fitts, mike ruppert, katherine albrecht and more. a complete who’s who of this movement for freedom. Michael Ruppert is a very important character in the movie. — aaron

— IMDB Review:

Well, the title as it is, I saw the film “America: From Freedom to Fascism” tonight in Tucson, Arizona. From the moment it begins it is gripping, informative and down right scary! The viewer comes away with an
understanding that as good as we might be in our day to day lives, we are all targets of a runaway government, intent on exerting its power and expressing it’s will – despite the law.

Particularly chilling is the interview with a Virginia Beach, VA family whose homes and business were raided by the IRS on mere unsubstantiated accusations; the victims of Police State authoritarians. Another interview with a former IRS Commissioner who, now a high-powered D.C. attorney, can’t seem to make the connection between Supreme Court decisions on the Constitutionality of the Income Tax and how the IRS regards ‘voluntary
compliance’ with a law he’s unable to articulate. Flustered, the commissioner ends the interview abruptly and asks Russo to leave.

Russo is a bulldog as he prowls halls of government trying to get someone to just show him the Law that says a working citizen in the United States owes an Income Tax, or just to acknowledge prior Supreme Court rulings on the subject. Clips of press conferences and television interviews and news cuttings reveal obfuscation, saber rattling and threats but not one answer that clearly defines the Law, the statutes or the Tax obligations of
American citizens.

Aaron Russo has created a compelling and troubling documentary that indeed gives the impression that America has already moved from Freedom to Fascism (and defines the terms so the viewer can decide for themselves).

The film is in the final stages of post-production and upon completion will be entered at Cannes in May. It is sure to make the headlines there and open more than a few eyes. This film will make an impact on the viewer – It’s up
to the viewer to then make an impact on the state of affairs in American government.

Saturday, January 28, 2006
America: From Freedom to Fascism. Watch for it.
I went to see the prescreening of Aaron Russo’s latest movie, America: From Freedom to Fascism, at the Hilton Phoenix Airport last night. It was a powerful and engaging film that received a well-deserved standing ovation from the group of about 120 adults in attendance, most of who were over 30.

The two major topics were the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve. Minor topics were the New World Order, vote fraud, education, government lies, and the police state. The ending contained a call to action that Russo promised will be significantly enhanced in the final edition.

A couple of members of the audience mentioned in the subsequent Q&A session that they were not aware of most of what was presented. An Arizona State University teacher said her students were largely unaware also.

The good news is that everyone in the room was apparently persuaded by the testimony given by the members of the Tax Honesty Movement and good folks like G Edward Griffin. The scenes with Irwin Schiff, Joe Banister, John Turner, Sherry Jackson Peel, Larken Rose, Charlie Beale, Bob Schulz, Dave Champion, Vernie Kuglin, and others were particularly powerful and persuasive.

Bottom line: Aaron Russo has earned his place in the preferred section of Heaven with this film, and the nation owes him a large debt of gratitude for having produced it. Eliciting cheers and tears from the audience, America: From Freedom to Fascism is incredibly moving and effective.

We should expect to find America: From Freedom to Fascism in theaters this summer. For anyone over the age of reason, including the 67 million Americans who no longer file federal income tax returns, missing this movie will be a costly mistake.

Watch for it.

# posted by Mark Yannone : 5:38 PM
“AMERICA —- From Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo

Michael Moore times TEN

I saw this film Saturday December 28th in Tucson, AZ. Aaron Russo, Beverly Hills (Hollywood producer) has just completed this majestic documentary film on U.S. history, 1913 to present. A must see for everyone age ten or later.

Like the showing of Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion” to congregations across America before its formal release, Russo shows this remarkable artistic achievement to selected audiences across the nation.

Russo won an Emmy in 1978 for “Bette Midler: Ol Red Hair.” In the 1970’s he managed Bette Midler in 1979 producing “The Rose” Midler’s first starring role. In the 1980’s Russo produced “Trading Places” “Wise Guys” “Teachers”. .

Russo repeats what Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln said, mirrored against the unfolding of the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Thomas Jefferson said that private banking will cause the demise of our country. The 1913 corruption in Washington DC got the Federal Reserve Act passed.

What you see in this film has never been seen before – bits and pieces of this drama have been heard third hand – in real life you see this unbelievable story. Gripping is the interview with a Virginia family that was raided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with dogs and drawn guns, based upon an unsubstantiated claim, where the IRS agents forced adolescent girls to dress in their presence.

You get to see all of the players, including Presidents Clinton and Bush II. See how our Congressmen and Senators know the IRS is a fraud – that wage earner’s income is not taxable. In our Federal Courts see them ignore the law. The IRS Commissioner refuses to be interviewed. Arrest of the film makers is threatened as they wait to interview IRS employees outside the workplace on the public sidewalk. Interviews are seen with resigned IRS officials who confronted their leaders about the IRS fraud. See the discussions with a past IRS Commissioner as he twists on his own words.

Until now almost everyone thought that this could not possibly go on in our free society.

A breath of fresh air is seen as Congressman Ron Paul suggests options to reverse this corruptness. Aaron Russo ends with his suggestion effective at the next election.

You and your family must see “AMERICA –“ .
# posted by barry : 5:04 PM

Great commentary on Aaron Russo’s latest documentary. The WTP event in Tucson on Saturday with Aaron Russo and Bob Schulz was a resounding success. We packed a 240-seat theater with additional folks standing up in the back. The documentary was very well received and ended with a standing ovation.

Aaron definitely hit a nerve with this one.
# posted by Anonymous : 10:02 PM

Standing Room Only In Tucson

Russo Film Scores Big With Audience

On to Denver and Austin

Aaron Russo scored a knockout in Tucson on Saturday.

A crowd of several hundred packed a Tucson movie theater Saturday afternoon. First they were treated to an advance screening of Aaron Russo’s latest movie, America: From Freedom To Fascism, a powerful and engaging 95-minute film about the problem in America–the loss of freedom.

Russo’s DVD is a dramatic wake-up call that stirs the full range of emotions. It presents, in an absorbing, credible, and fact-filled fashion, America’s chief domestic problems The film begins by documenting the dual frauds of 1913–the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve system–and covers topics such as the national ID card, human chip implants, vote fraud, government lying and spying, and the New World Order.


Can you tell me more about 67 million Americans not filing federal income tax? Can you give me a source for that statistic?
# posted by Paul Elledge : 5:05 PM

I believe the 67 million statistic is in the movie–or it may have been mentioned in the discussion following the movie. Here are some of the references available on various websites.

“Internal Revenue Service statistics show that more than 40% of Americans no longer comply with the current tax code.” Source

“The IRS has identified as many as 55 million individuals who have failed to file tax returns.” (May 2001) Source

“In 1998, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue admitted in a public speech that 1 out of 4 Americans had stopped filing tax returns. That’s an epidemic of at least 35 million nonfilers by the IRS’ own admission!” Source

“According to an IRS report a few years back during the IRS abuse hearings, they said there are more than 60 million nonfilers and delinquent taxpayers.” Source
# posted by Mark Yannone : 9:03 PM

It is almost imperative that this film be shown in Oklahoma City and Tulsa as soon as possible. Many Oklahomans desire to abolish the IRS and get rid of the state income tax. Many companies have left Oklahoma. The general public deserves to know all the reasons.
# posted by Anonymous : 5:30 PM

The Income Tax is not determined by statute but by status. Once you fill out your first 1040 form you become subject to the IRS code and the ATF has the authority to enforce it. You need to know what the 1040 form is all about. And the word LABEL which appears on that form.
# posted by Anonymous : 6:40 PM

I saw this movie on Febuary 16 2006 at the Dallas Angelika Film Center. This film is a must see by every American!!! This film must be talked about, please find a way to promote this film. I have requested that Democracynow.org air a story about this movie.

If you are a listner of democracynow.org please write to them and get Aaron Russo an interviw, so this film can be see by every American.

If you don’t know about democracy now, log on to democracynow.org and get informed about the real news.
# posted by Anonymous : 11:46 PM

I am looking foreward to seeing this movie in theatres. I am also looking forward to hearing what the President has to say about this.

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