Update: No CD Is In The Works For Bette Midler

Mister D: Okay, I got confirmation that Ms. Midler did indeed receive the song, “Good Guy” from Jude Johnstone and loved it. But it has not been recorded by her nor is there a new release on the near horizon. So that was disappointing news to find out. However, it’s fun to know what songs may lie ahead.

Photo: A BaltoBoy Scan

On a non-Bette related note:

Since I’m finally getting back to my old self, I got me a gig to perform at a Gay Bear Variety Show – a 30 minute set, thanks to my friend, Bobby (a BetteHead). I am not a Bear, so I don’t exactly know why I was invited, but it was probably because I’m talented and cute…LOL But on the downside, I’m 52. I will probably do a couple of Bette songs, Alice Cooper, Elton John and Robbie Williams…and a couple of tracks from Nancy Sinatra where I would like to rewrite the lyrics to fit the occasion.

If I have any Gay Bear fans that read this site, I’d appreciate it if you’d write so I could ask a few questions about the community in order to do some rewrites and a few comedy intros between shows. Or just tell me about it yourself in the email and some of the best links to visit.

Thank you,

Mister D

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