Does Bette Smoke? Say It Isn’t So!

Mister D:

Does Bette smoke???!!! Hopefully only out the ears when she has a right to be fuming mad! According to Times Square Gossip (gossip is the key word-take a gander at their disclaimer), she is one of the A-list customers who visits NAT SHERMAN ‘THE TABACCONIST TO THE WORLD’ NEW FLAGSHIP STORE ON NEW YORK CITY’S EAST 42ND STREET! (I don’t believe she’s a smoker for one minute!)

We’re talking big ass names here: Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Ivana Trump, Nicolas Cage, Keanu Reeves (yummy), Princess Grace, Samuel L. Jackson. Rudy Giuliani, Harry Connick Jr., Joe Torre, Mark Consuelos and Gov. Bill Richardson are among the lucky smokers who stash their stogies in private lockers under lock & key in Sherman’s room sized humidor.

Of course, some of these people are just customers, which I think Bette is…maybe she sends Cher and Madonna gifts of tobaccy!!!! LOL Whatever, it doesn’t matter…Bette is still the hardest working woman in showbiz and she deserves a break today….if this article is true.

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Love, Mister D

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10 thoughts on “Does Bette Smoke? Say It Isn’t So!

  1. If you watch the Divine Bette Midler DVD, you will see a scene of a younger Bette smoking. The movie The Rose shows Bette smoking quite a bit. There are several photos of Bette smoking as a younger performer. This is not to say Bette smokes now, but she did certainly in the past. But, who cares?

  2. Thanks David:

    Yeah, I remember all that now. Thanks for the reminder. You’re right about the “who cares?”…but I’m just selfish and want her to be around a looooonnnnnggggg time!

    Love, Mister D

  3. Oh me toooo! Remember what Bette says, “everthing in moderation.” I trust that Bette is strong and healthy and most of all Divine!

  4. I don’t think she somkes. I found another article…I was no allowed to send a copy out, i’ll have to find the site page again. Anyways…she did smoke when she was younger (it was the 70’s everyone but it said that Bette has been in the shop a few times because of Martin and some other friends. She went in there once and bought Johnny Carson some cigars and she has also bought some for Danny DeVito. Now, the Martin part…not sure…but I remember her saying in an old interview for The First Wives Club…that Martin did smoke becuase he likes lighters so much. No idea if that helps…but…oh well. lol.

  5. I tend to think you are very accurate plus I thought she mentioned a long time ago that she had quit. The lady’s got it going on….


  6. Well, I know I smoked an array of things…I’m pretty sure even a banana peel!!!!

    D 🙂

  7. Probably, since I only drank grain alcohol in college. I also used to walk around totally nude at some parties with nothing but a winter coat, cowboy hat and boots…LOL I also hung out of a 3 story window with same outfit to impress the girls at the time, but I fell all the way down and had to run back up to my room buck naked. I was kind of wild in college. So smoking a banana peel would not be out of the question….:-)

    Love, Mister D

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