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Mister D: I think this is the first negative review I’ve seen or kind of negative. I’m a sucker for Hallmark movies. Anyway, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I have not seen the movie yet, but I will be going to 2 special screenings in April, and I will still go to the opening to watch the audience…I always analyze the audience…..whatever!! Away From Her dealt with alzheimer’s and the critics were quite kind to Ms, Christie who won best actress in almost every major award event this year…look for her to win The Oscar, too :

Then She Found Me (USA, 2007, 9 PM, Friday, February 8) is this year’s Away From Her, the last festival’s film in which an actress made her directing debut in a tapped down melodrama.

It’s unlikely that this film, however, will carry on to win awards and Oscar nominations. Based on a novel by Elinor Lipman, the film is directed by Helen Hunt who also stars as a woman recently married whose husband (Matthew Broderick), also a teacher, leaves her in only a few weeks. While she is slowly falling for a harried father of two (Colin Firth), she is also tracked down by her biological mother (Bette Midler) who gave her up at birth.

If the film didn’t have the imprimatur of being in the festival, it might comfortably fit into the string of Hallmark movie tear jerkers, for it is life affirming in all ways.

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