Helen Hunt Wins:
“Breakthrough Director Of The Year” At ShoWest

Hunt’s directing role
Updated: 04:33, Friday March 14, 2008

Oscar winning actress turned director has been awarded the ‘Breakthrough Director of the Year’ at ShoWest, the movie exhibitor’s convention held each year in Las Vegas.

Helen Hunt, famous for her roles in ‘As Good As It Gets’ and ‘Mad About You’ has directed the movie, ‘Then She Found Me’, which hits cinemas in April.

The dramedy is based on the novel by Elinor Lipman and follows the tale of a schoolteacher, played by Hunt, in a midlife crisis, after her adoptive mother dies and her birth mother unexpectedly appears.

The film also stars Matthew Broderick, Colin Firth and Bette Midler.

‘Then She Found Me’ has been compared to similar art-house entries like ‘Juno’ and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, both big hits on the big screen.

A modest Hunt collected her ShoWest award in a ceremony that also honoured such luminaries as Robert Redford and Ang Lee.

‘I played a princess from outer space in ‘The Bionic Woman,’ she told the audience.

‘And, at moments like this, it’s important to lay that out there.’

The actress assuring the crowd her acting career was still flourishing.

‘Then She Found Me’ is released in New York on 25th April 2008.

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