Has Bette Been Readin’ My Mail?

Mister D: I had this exact same conversation where I told my mother the same thing….poor repuglican 🙂 So I totally back this. I have been so sick of the last 8 years that I don’t think I could take another reign of a new king. What’s so weird is that some of us saw this coming a mile away while others who voted for this schmuck, King George, a majority, just fell for this guy hook, line, and sinker. Please, no more repeats by voting for McCain/Palin….wake up and read, read, read. Question what you hear on the news and do your own research. That’s the least we can all do since we are at war. It’s better than one snarky bumpersticker on a car.


Singer/actress BETTE MIDLER has blamed the U.S government for the current credit crisis – and has pledged her allegiance to presidential hopeful BARACK OBAMA’s campaign.

The star has vowed to support the Democratic presidential candidate in the elections next month (Nov08) – because she can no longer live under a Republican government, currently led by George W. Bush.

She says, “The Republicans have really bought us to our knees. I hope people remember what the last eight years were like when they vote.

“Now we’re in the middle of something which is absolutely devastating, brought on by their utter refusal to regulate and their delusion that the markets would regulate themselves.

“But I’m excited about the election of Barack Obama. I feel he’ll bring a lot to that position. We’re in this credit crisis and, good God, who’s gonna be able to fix that? But if anyone can, he can.”

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2 thoughts on “Has Bette Been Readin’ My Mail?

  1. I know you know I’m with you on this one Don. I’ve been saying this for the past 8 years. How can Americans be so blind? What’s the old saying??? S@@t on me once, shame on you, s@@t on me twice, shame on me. I guess the first 4 years wasn’t bad enough, some people wanted 4 more!

    I love Bette’s quote:“The Republicans have really bought us to our knees. I hope people remember what the last eight years were like when they vote. AMEN

  2. I know Dana….we’ve been through this now for a 3rd time??? Maybe just a second time, but I don’t know what I’m going to think if McCain/Palin win….at least people have been nicer this go round or just keeping a safe distance..

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