BBC2 Radio: Bette Talks On “The Elaine Paige Show
(Thank You Chris!)

Elaine Paige celebrates the best of Broadway, Hollywood and the West End. This week, Elaine talks to American actress Bette Midler about her film career and her favourite musicals.

Broadcast on: BBC Radio 2, 1:00pm Sunday 30th November
Duration: 90 minutes
Available until: 2:32pm Sunday 7th December

To listen to the show:
Click Here

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5 thoughts on “BBC2 Radio: Bette Talks On “The Elaine Paige Show
(Thank You Chris!)

  1. This was fabulous. I loved hearing the songs that she likes. I have always had a little fetish for broadway music myself. Thank you for posting this!!!

  2. HAHA! I remember a couple she did to brazilian newspapers,quiet a while ago…they were SO funny, it was like she decided she could say certain things because it was, well, you know…Brrrrrrazil. 😛 LOL!

  3. I Love this, is soo cute at the end, don’t you think it sounded like Bette was gonna cry when Elaine asked her if she could sing the song? and isn’t it true the Dustin is using the song in his new movie?
    who will sing it coz i heard something aout Sting singing it, (i don’t like that idea what so ever.)
    Im unsure LOL 😀

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