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Don’t Quit You’re Day Job, Please??????
Top ten singers who shouldn’t act
Posted in ENTERTAINMENT by SebastianCordoba on Jan 14, 09:44AM
Top ten singers who shouldn’t act

It seems that making millions of dollars from your god given talent isn’t enough for some singers. After achieving a level of success that most people only dream of, many artists come to believe that their much lauded musical skills are perfectly transferrable to the silver screen. After all, if they were able to convincingly portray themselves in a three minute video clip, how hard could “acting” really be?

We are all familiar with the success stories. Every so often we are fortunate enough to encounter an individual whose charm and charisma seems to transcend all forms of artistic expression. Barbara Streisand, Tom Waits, Cher, Bette Midler and Will Smith have all proven that when the transition is successful we are all better for it.

Unfortunately these instances only serve as fuel for some individuals who should really stick to their incredibly lucrative day job.

We have looked at those singers who in a deluded state believed that their talents spread beyond the confines of the pentagram. Their mediocre talents not only ruined the films they were in, but in some instances also jeopardised their regular source of income. Oh Jessica Simpson, how the mighty have fallen.

10. Elvis Presley in Charro

The King decided that his future was in film and embarked on a road so steeped in mediocrity that it forever tainted his musical career. Whilst there are too many to chose, Charro was Presley’s hilariously poor attempt at a Leone type western.

9. Jennifer Lopez in Gigli

I know that she started as a dancer, then became an actress and only after this started her music career but her films are so heinous that she must be stopped. Gigli is by far her worst offense as she somehow makes looking incredibly hot boring.

8. 50 Cent in Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Eminem made it look so easy…

7. Britney Spears in Crossroads

Not much of a singer and even less of an actress. I believe this was the moment when things started turning sour for Ms. Spears.

6. Mick Jagger in Freejack

The man who defines cool on so many levels has had a rocky acting career. His lowest point was this poor excuse for a scifi action film. Watch Jagger attempt an evil laugh.

5. Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard
The film everybody loved and then quickly realised how bad it is, is thanks to Houston having all the emotional range of a block of wood.

4. Mariah Carey in Glitter
The infamous film brought about a five year lull in the career of Ms. Carrey thanks to a truly awful performance.

3. Vanilla Ice in Cool as Ice
The former rapper shows his rebellious side in a film that is so bad it works perfectly as a comedy.

2. Jessica Simpson in Blonde Ambition
Jessica’s final attempt at acting was so bad that it set a record after grossing only $2000 dollars during its opening weekend.

1. Madonna in Swept Away
Madonna really doesn’t take a hint. Not only has she never been praised for a performance since Desperately Seeking Susan but nor has anyone showed to see her films. Enough is enough, she must be stopped.

Have any others you would add to the list? Anyone on this list redeemed themselves? Voice your opinion now!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Quit You’re Day Job, Please??????

  1. With the picture there, I was afraid to see the list thinking that this maroon had dissed our Bette. Whew! What a relief to see that he picked appropriately, especially the Spears and Madonna selections. Nice to see that Madonna is once again number one.

  2. What, no Disney stars?! Kind of sort of disagree with J-Lo being there, she has redeemed herself to an extent. Also don’t understand Madonna being praised for Desperately Seeking Susan (an OK movie) yet having her performance in Evita ignored. Once Avril Lavigne takes a starring role in a film I’ve a feeling she’ll be on the “worst of” lists, and, as much as I adore Alanis, the same might happen with her- hopefully not though.

  3. I always say we like lists when one of ours makes it and it’s good, but boy, if it’s bad….uh, uh honey…those lists mean nothing.

    I just take em with a grain of salt….

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