Sex And The City: Behind The Scenes – Is She Or Isn’t She?

Perms, power suits and plenty of attitude: Sex And The City goes back to the Eighties!
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:15 PM on 10th September 2009

Singer and actress Bette Midler was also spotted arriving on the set yesterday, prompting speculation she may be playing the role of Carrie’s rarely mentioned mother.

So we don’t know for sure why Miranda, Samantha, Carrie, and Charlotte have been filming scenes dressed in (extreme) costumes from what appear to be eighties versions of themselves. But we have some hints: BlackBook’s Cayte Grieve was an extra on the set that day. She reports that the scuttlebutt among the crew members and extras is that:

”¢ They’re filming around Bergdorf Goodman, and in eighties attire (the extras were similarly clothed), because that’s where the four ladies originally met.
Ӣ It is, indeed, a flashback and not a dream sequence (cue heavily gelled camera lenses).
Ӣ Bette Midler also makes a cameo in this portion.

Our favorite part of Grieves’s report was when Eliot Spitzer came across the set and had to be shooed away by crew members. But, moving along, what are your reactions to these outfits? Here are ours, in four words: Skanky, Preppy, Dorky, Tranny. That Patricia Fields really knows how to distill a concept!

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6 thoughts on “Sex And The City: Behind The Scenes – Is She Or Isn’t She?

  1. Not only could Bette play Carri`s mother, she could play Amy Winehouse`s mother…It`s the second time I`ve seen a picture of Bette where she is wearing an outift just like Amy`s on the streets…LOL! That`s my girl…the wueen of cool people…

  2. I love all of her! She is amazing,she look good, nice, cool, it´s lovely girl….great lady! I love this girl.
    What has in inside his bag? lol

    Love mister D

  3. Bette looks good for someone approaching 64!! Also if she’s in New York City, maybe she will attend the Divas 2009 special in Brooklyn . . . It would be a great way to promote her upcoming shows in Las Vegas, and/or other projects like NYRP.

  4. Perfect!!!
    Ever since Hocus Pocus and First wives Club, I’ve been waiting for Sarah and Bette to do something together again.
    They are deffinatly a match.
    I’m sure Sarah has though of many ways to be able to play Bette’s Daughter and this is just perfect. I hope the rumours are true!

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