50 Cent Guests On Conan

50 Cent Delivers Big Laughs On ‘The Tonight Show’
Rapper cracked jokes about Bette Midler, his new fragrance and beef with Canadian kids on Tuesday’s show.
By Kyle Anderson

For all of the beef 50 Cent seems to find himself in, the guy actually has a pretty acute sense of humor. Those looking for proof need only watch his appearance on Tuesday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show,” in which 50 goofed around amiably with host Conan O’Brien for the better part of 10 minutes.

O’Brien touched on a number of topics, some more sensitive than others. He began by asking 50 about a photo snapped of him with his arm around Bette Midler. The two collaborated on restoring a park in 50’s old neighborhood, and the rapper joked that he knew he had arrived at another level of fame when he had his picture taken with the veteran diva.

“I thought I was hot before I took that picture, but when my grandmother saw that, it was a different kind of energy,” he said. “She was like, ‘Baby, you made it! Do you know who that is?’ ”

The pair also talked about his most recent beef. Not the one with Jay-Z, but rather the one with a kid from Canada who posted a YouTube video calling the rapper a “media whore.” Fif also explained his still-for-sale house in Connecticut (which features 13 bedrooms, a night club and a grotto) as well as a failed line of condoms and his new fragrance. “This is the smell of success right here,” he explained. “People thought it would smell more like gunpowder, but we made some changes!”

After talking about his new album Before I Self Destruct (O’Brien offered to help track down the person responsible for leaking it), 50 disappeared for a segment before coming back to perform his latest single “Baby by Me.”

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