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Snickers Ads, Aretha, And Divas…..Oh My?

Aretha Franklin Films Snickers Ad In Mich.
Jon Jordon Has The Scoop
POSTED: Monday, February 22, 2010
UPDATED: 8:58 am EST February 22, 2010

(They want me to do a Snickers ad….with Cher?)

DETROIT — The brilliant new Snickers commercial starring our own Aretha Franklin was shot right here in Metro Detroit at Studio Center in Farmington Hills.

The 30-second spot features four young men packed into a vintage Volvo traveling somewhere seemingly way out West.

The long car ride and hunger pangs overtake passenger “Jeff”, who cops a “diva attitude” about it all, and as a result, has morphed into The Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

Watch: Jon Jordon Has Metro Movie Buzz

Aretha is hysterically funny portraying herself at her sassiest. No sooner than Jeff’s ‘tude is tempered by a Snickers bar, another griping passenger turns around from the front passenger seat to reveal himself as…Liza Minelli!

Liza also came into town to film her cameo. The green screen technology utilized by Studio Center is so flawless that one would never suspect that all involved didn’t have to suffer through a grueling location shoot in the middle of the Mohave Desert.

What the public doesn’t know, is that a third diva was actually filmed and was on tap as a possible Liza replacement…. None other than Patti Labelle.

This begs the question: who really has achieved true pop culture diva status and who has not? The qualifications are subjective for sure, but nonetheless unquestionable in my mind. Here’s my take:

DIVAS DELUXE: (in no particular order)
-Judy Garland
-Barbara Streisand
-Diana Ross
-Aretha Franklin
-Liza Minnelli
Bette Midler
Dolly Parton

DIVAS LIGHT: (not quite as cosmic)
Whitney Houston
-Patti LaBelle
-Celine Dion
-Mariah Carey
-Cyndi Lauper
Stevie Nicks

DIVAS DISCARDED: (once in the running)
Donna Summer
-Grace Jones
Amy Winehouse

-Anybody who has ever appeared on American Idol

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9 thoughts on “Snickers Ads, Aretha, And Divas…..Oh My?

  1. I love the picture of Bette on the phone and the caption underneath– that provided a good laugh this morning! Thanks.


    1. I didn’t spell it wrong…the guy who wrote the article did. As to who is number 1 that is always up for debate.

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