Bette Midler bursting with colour as she leaves the St Regis Hotel in New York

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12 thoughts on “Bette Midler bursting with colour as she leaves the St Regis Hotel in New York

  1. Not loving the jacket or hair…sorry. I hate to be negative but usually I am positive and most of the time she looks great. Just not a fan of the curly pulled off the face look on her. I feel so bad saying that! I’m thinking of just deleting what I wrote…nah I’ll leave it. It’s just my opinion. I still love her all the same.

  2. Oh my goodness! She is very beautiful but I agree Andrea. I don’t like her hair pulled back and in curls like that. Her weight is fine! Perfectly healthy for her age. She does look very happy. She’s probably caught up on sleep. LOL

  3. This is Miss M’s natural hair shape. Her hair needs to be blown and/ or styled to look divine.

    I know The Divine One has a perfectly healthy weight for her age. But she’s a star and I’m commenting on this stature and in a very visual way. I’d like her to look like a classic movie star 24 -7 (tiny waist, perfect hair and make-up, elegant clothes etc), no exceptions. But all of this is below her happiness. If she is happy and OK with her look, it’s fine with me. I adore her and pledged my allegiance to her years ago.

  4. I don´t know anything! I only know is that she looks so pretty. I´ll be honest I like Bette in all your stiles, my love for her only let me see with eyes of love hahaha. curly, straight, wavy, I love her forever and ever!

  5. I don’t think she needs to lose weight either. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. We have a sick obssession with everyone needing to be a size 6 or less. It’s really hard for some people to be that thin. Especially people with tiny frames. There are ways to dress to flatter your shape. Unfortunatly this jacket is not one of them. It’s okay though. 9 out of 10 times she looks so cute in what she wears.

  6. In no way I think anorexic-model-like-people are pretty. I even use to call them human hangers! The 2 most gorgeous women I have ever seen, Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, were never that thin. But I know what would look better. Around 2000, on “Bette! the series”, Miss M had a fantastic body.

    9 out 10 times The Divine One looks cute and pretty in the 2nd half of her career, because in the 1st half…

  7. You do realized that was 10 years ago and Bette was a decade younger. It’s hard to lose weight in your 60’s! Anyways, regardless of how she looks her spirit always shines through. And that is always wonderful and pretty to bask in.

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