I Am An Idiot: E-Mail Confusion

I just found out that most of my emails from you guys and gals have been going into a gmail account instead of my regular Outlook email account. I had been wondering why Bootleg Betty was still growing but the emails had died down so much. Well I checked a gmail account I had had listed on here for awhile and found a couple of 1000 emails in the account…so if you haven’t heard from me lately….now you know why. All those emails were supposed to have been forwarded to my regular account.

Anyway, there is no way I can go through that many emails without getting totally overwhelmed, so I apologize profusely for this error. Please feel free to write again at: misterd@bootlegbetty.com (this one wasn’t working right either) Everything has been fixed and is ready to go. I just wanted ya’ll to know I was not ignoring ya’ll. To tell you the truth I’m not quite sure what happened except that it was my fault.

Love, Mister D

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