Radio Interview: Bette Circa 1990 (Thanks Darrell)

Mister D: After a few minor glitches, I got this to work. I just forgot to push the audio out onto the internet. Doh! Excuse me…I’m just half asleep. Sorry for the inconvenience!!!!:

Since all you BetteHeads are scouring the internet and your collections for that damn Peace Sunday Bette video, Darrell from Bette On The Boards was kind enough to send us over a radio interview of Bette from the BBC circa 1990. Hope you enjoy! And keep searching for that video.

[wpaudio url=” Radio 1 – October 1990.mp3″ text=”Bette Midler – BBC Radio 1 – October 1990″ dl=”0″]


Mister D

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2 thoughts on “Radio Interview: Bette Circa 1990 (Thanks Darrell)

    1. Let the page download and then all you have to do is click the little play arrow once and it should start playing. Don’t click the whole link…..

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