Who’s going to the Graham Norton Show in London? Anybody? Did you apply for tix using the email address I gave out? Just curious. Wish there was a way I knew what some of you gals and germs looked like so I could point you out and laugh at the telly!!! 🙂 J/K It would just be nice to see who some of the beautiful fans are…..

Love, Mister D

PS: Notice how early I am up….it’s the time difference between Nashville and LA. It’s like almost 5 in Nashville and 3 in the morning here….OY!!!!

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  1. Hi

    Applied for tickets via the e-mail address – no reply yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks to Don for the heads up and good luck to all who have applied – hope we get to go!

    All the best


  2. Hey,

    I got an email asking for a contact number. i’m still waiting and i feel sick! lol I can hardly type i’m so nervous!!!

    Hope you get some sleep!


  3. Hey, I got an email saying that I have tickets reserved too but I didn’t get asked for a contact number…I had to reply and confirm it all…I’m so very confused and quite excited!

  4. Hey Mr D! I am so going to be there!! Ive also messaged the bette-heads that applied for tickets to meet up before the show, etc….like the guys did for hulaween…then we can take some pics of our wonderfull selves for you to see! ;-)…..and us yuk fans are gorgeous by the way, and our dental higiene is wonderfull! 😛

    so all the UK bette heads out there that are going on the show, give me a heads up and reply to my email!!

    we’re gonna see bette *victory dance*


    Thank fo so much Mister D, Got 4 tickets for the show, There are asking for like any super Bette fans to contact them too.
    Paul Ogrady finished last week so Bette cant be on that show,
    Am thinking Bette could be on Come Dancing, they are havin a vagas style show in Blackpool this weekend, mybe Bette could be on there? She been on it twice so far, fingers crossed.
    Any more update for Bette trip to the UK yet?
    I havent seen any promo’s yet for the new cd yet.

    1. Good Paul!!!!! About Paul O’Grady….that’s all her home office gave me was that name…so I don’t know what’s up….

  6. Yes, tis me! Laura B!….well someone had too 😛

    And guess what!? just got a call…and they’ve asked me to be in the ‘red chair’!!! (gotta tell my bette story on the show) woop woop…..might be on the tele too! (bout time is what i say :P)


  7. Still No Reply!! Though the Divine Laura has offered me her spare ticket!! YAAAY!! I just wish I could take my mum. Anyone else have a spare ticket!!?? xx

  8. ok, well the red chair is what members of the audience sit in to tell their ‘story’….now the catch is that if your story is rubbish or your just a rubbish story teller, graham pulls the leaver and the chair flips back…with you still sat in it. Its a bit of fun! Im up for it! Just hope Bette gets to see me tell my story, and not get flipped lol

    much love xx

  9. I got tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant believe it! I’m still shaking with excitment, cant believe after all this time i’m finally gonna get to see her! Just to see her in person, wow i want to cry. Hope none of the betteheads enbaress easily cause i will be the one blubbering in the corner! lol Cant wait. now if only i could find out how the hell i’m getting to london and just book it already!

    Thanks so much Don, if you hadn’t put the link i would have never gotten to my idol!



  10. I got tickets and shall be there. Betteheads are meeting up in GRAPES at 3pm to have a chat before the show. I’ll be the one with the purple hair! lol

  11. Hi

    Just got an e-mail to say my name in on the guest list, which is really great news.

    Looking forward to the show and thanks once again to Don for the Bette-heads Up!

    All the best.


  12. anyone that didnt get the email….meeting up at victoria coach station (right next door to the train station) then heading down to Grapes pub, waterloo (which is infront of the London Studios!)

    cant wait to meet everyone!!


    ps – has anyone else been asked to tell their story in the ‘red chair’?? im a bit nervious now 😛 hehe

  13. OMG!!!! I am just so happy for all of you, Yuk Betteheads!!!! Don’t forget to share us your story and the pix — so excited to “read” from all of you:)

    I know the feeling!!!


  14. The producers rang me yesterday asking me to sit at the front with all my Bette stuff, so Graham can ask me questions!! Omg nearly died! So you may see me on Tv! Bette may even see me! I may puke lol xx

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