The “Stinky” Doll

This is the doll/cushion that Bette and Graham Norton talked about that got edited out on the show. I’m putting this up by request. The reason my stuff came to be on the show was that I was contacted by the show’s producer who knew about my website, Bootleg Betty. He asked if I had any kind of “off the wall” things that I had collected over the years and I named a few things. He was interested in this doll, the Delores doll, a snow globe, a “The Rose” beach blanket, a cigarette case, and a homemade decoupage thingie I had. I know the show and knew they would be making fun of stuff, so he asked if I could send all of it. Unfortunately I had won a contest to go the Burlesque premiere and after-party and was in L.A. and couldn’t do it, so Barry put everything together and sent it all.

There was no controversy on the show about it, just here online. Some fan got extremely angry or something and didn’t know the story…not that it would have made any difference to her/him. Anyway, they just wrote extremely ugly things about me which is their right. I can’t be loved by everyone. But they obviously aren’t quite right in the head. One comment would suffice, but when you write about 5-10 consecutive ones you have a problem. Here’s the link to the comments section: Click Here

Anyway, that’s my story! BTW…I don’t know if they really said the doll stank or not…LOL But I gave it a good whiff all over and it has no smell to it, so I don’t know what the heck was going on….it’s been hanging on a wall forever and nobody smokes here. But it is a silly little thing, I’ll guarantee you that, but I love it anyway….

Love, Mister D

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16 thoughts on “The “Stinky” Doll

  1. There are too many sad people in this world that feel the need to disrespect peoples good deeds. What you do on this site is great and a real benifit to all us Betteheads. Keep up the good work and
    ‘Keep on rockin’. XXX

  2. Hahahaha! I’ve been reading this website long enough to know that you wouldn’t have sent that without them asking for it. And Graham did sniff this and say it smelled a bit. Which was HILARIOUS. It’s too bad this was cut out of the show! Keep up the good work!

  3. hey mister d can you please please please show us a pic or two of your whole collection? i would love to see it (much better than mine for sure) i want to see how superior the betteheads’ leader’s collection is to all of ours 🙂

    1. Really it’s not….I only had a few things….I lost a whole box of stuff in a move once….I’ll try to remember to take some pics, but there are others out there that would put me to shame….

  4. I love the doll — can I have it? (kidding!) Thank you for sharing Mr. D:) love u:) You know I have this dream of meeting you in person coz it would be like meeting the Godfather (of the Betteheads) y’know what I mean? You know that you’ve changed my life since I discovered BLB 🙂

    Love as always,
    Anne <3

    1. Thank you Anne! I don’t see how I could have changed anyone’s lives, but that’s not for me to say….all I know is you’ve been a breath of fresh air!

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