BetteHead Chatter: 11-29-2010

Mister D: Thought I might try this litte feature out and see how it goes. If you guys don’t like your names in the posts let me know. Sometimes, ya’ll just happen to put good info in the chat box that should be shared, I think.

  • Molly: Hey, was at work and reading a random article in People mag? I think? Well, there was a little blurb on “the 25 greenest stars” and Bette was number 5 i think. Beat out by Al Gore, Alicia Silverstone, and some others. All cuz they wrote books…but didn’t clean up a state. lol Number 5? It reminds me of that episode of her show where she’s trying to make it on one of the celebrity “lists.” lol
  • Riss: hey betteheads apparently bette is in this thing called ‘Twas the night in which she sings the song chanuka o chanuka and kids comment on it…. it’ll be on hbofe at 1:20 a.m. on thursdy dec 2nd
    [28 Nov 10 21:47:48]
  • Riss: omg this is so weird, so i was listening to fever on my ipod and i scroll down and mister d has posted the fever video, then i scroll a little more and its a pic from ruthless people which i was watching this morning since it was on tv lol
    [28 Nov 10 13:57:43]
  • Richard: The new Bette compilation has charted at Number 45 in the UK. This is very good considering until 5 minutes ago I never knew it existed myself, being a Bette Fan.
    [28 Nov 10 13:50:19]
  • NATALIE: Thankyou To all my family of Betteheads , for wishing me a wonderful Birthday much appreciated it xxxxxx
    [28 Nov 10 12:27:14]

Hope this was okay… to you all….

Love, Mister D

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