BetteBack October 9, 1993: Bette Midler Makes Scalper History

Indiana Gazette
Liz Smith
October 9, 1993

Bette Midler is not Just making box-office history at Badio City Music Hall, where she Is wowing ’em until Oct. 23. She’s also making scalper history. Choice – even semi-choice – Midler seats are going for as high as $600 each!!

Bette is very, very pleased with the success of “Experience the Divine,” but insiders say she’s a bit surprised at how restrained many of her Manhattan audiences have been. Bette is used to total hysteria from beginning to end. In New York, sometimes, the audience doesn’t “let go” until the midway point.

Oh, come on, New York! Get off your hands and on your feet. You’ll probably never experience the Divine, to this extent, again!

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