BetteBack July 4, 1993: Prince Writes Song For Bette’s Next Album….Bette Of Roses

Mister D: Maybe this will make a box set!

Santa Fe New Mexican
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July 4, 1993

”¢ Prince’s unexpected announcement of his “retirement” this spring left me confused. What does he intend to do, if not record new music? Kathy Fletcher, Fort Myers, Fla.

Prince – 35 and girlfriendless these days – already has written one song each for solo albums by Bette Midler and Chynna Phillips, and 10 of his tunes will be h e a rd in a holiday movie with Albert Brooks and Nick Nolte. T h is
month, Prince, who is most interested in film and live theater, is off to Europe for a five-week concert tour. He didn’t say he would retire from performing.

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