Midler Proud Of New York Parks Project More Than Industry Awards

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Midler Proud Of New York Parks Project
Dec 13, 2010

Legendary entertainer BETTE MIDLER is proud of her work to turn New York green – insisting it means more to her than winning industry awards.

The star has been honoured with two Oscars and four Grammy Awards during her forty years in showbiz, but it’s her longstanding affiliation with the New York Restoration Project she treasures the most.

Midler has dedicated more than 10 years to the initiative, which restores parks and community gardens in the city, and she’s bursting with pride at receiving recognition from officials and the people of New York for her continued hard work.
She tells Britain’s Hello! magazine, “I have two things (I’m proud of in life). I’m very proud of my daughter. I’m also very proud of the New York Restoration Project. I’m very proud of the fact I’ve saved 55 community gardens and I’m on my way to saving many, many more.

“I’ve built parks and provided children with environmental education. And I’m proud of the fact I’ve received recognition for it.

“You receive all of these awards but you’re never really sure if it was political or if you really earned it. But this I know I earned because I’m at the forefront of this organisation and this particular parks and gardens movement is in my town, New York.”

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