BetteHead Chatter: SmartTalk

Bette at the SmartTalk Series

Mister D: Before we start the chatter…I did get it confirmed that Bette will appear in the feature length documentary “Casting By” about casting directors along with many other stars. The movie should be out in theaters some time in 2012.

Kim: If you click on the City Pages link that Mr D Posted under the Bette Midler Talks at SmartTalk WOmen’s series, there are a few photos of Bette at the talk. (Mister D: At the time I posted the article those pics weren’t there…)
20 Jan 11, 20:01

Kim: Hey TJ, Is this the slide show you were mentioning?
20 Jan 11, 20:38

Kim: Bette’s not on this, but a reporter from the star tribune tells of her encounter with Bette at Smart talk. Apparently they were able to sell a lot of the tickets. Not really worth watching, but in case you are interested.
20 Jan 11, 23:29

Andrea: I have some audio that I recorded from Bette’s Smarttalk show. I will try to upload it tomorrow. It’s about 35 min long. It’s all I could get before my battery ran out. Sorry no video
21 Jan 11, 05:58

Mister D: That would be awesome Andrea…

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5 thoughts on “BetteHead Chatter: SmartTalk

  1. I’m glad you have a picture. I was so dissapointed that I couldn’t take any pictures or video. I could have done it anyway but I was too afraid someone would say something to me and I didn’t want the light from my video to bother anyone behind me. Guess I’m just too courteous LOL
    Are there any more pictures of her Smarttalk show anywhere?

  2. wow that lady in the video was talking trash about Bette. Not that I don’t believe her but the reporter was very rude about it. She was like “Only middle aged women were there.” She doesn’t know anything

  3. Hey all! Ok, so CJ the reporter was pretty rude about the situation. First of all, I’m sure Bette was extremely nervous to do the talk, and just wanted to get inside to prepare. And IT IS extreeeeemly cold here in Minnesota. I can barely touch a metal door handle without getting frostbite! And even Minnesotans are complaining! So if Bette just wanted to get inside and not discuss something that has NOTHING to do with her…a completely irrelevant question for the situation (Ricky Gervais for God’s sake)…then I don’t blame her.
    Anyway.. Yes, the slideshow in the link that you gave is basically what she showed. But she would pause on each photo and explain it and tell a little story about it. Was very interesting!
    Yes, the audience was primarily middle-aged women. But they also brought along their husbands/partners. But there were some younger people, like myself, there as well. Well..I guess I’m not THAT young.

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