It’s Confirmed: Streisand Returning to Big Screen in ‘Gypsy’ Remake

Barbra Streisand Returning to Big Screen in ‘Gypsy‘ Remake
February 8th, 2011 11:04pm EST

Barbra Streisand has confirmed reports she’s returning to the big screen to star in the film adaptation of musical Gypsy – about stripper Gypsy Rose Lee.

The singer/actress admits the news leaked “a little early” but she is on board.

She tells the Los Angeles Times, “I am not sure about directing it. It may just be too much. I know I will be playing the part.”

Arthur Laurents, who wrote The Way We Were for Streisand, let slip about the new movie project, telling the New York Post last month Streisand was in “deep in negotiations to direct, produce and star in a movie version of Gypsy.”

He insisted the diva was perfect for the role, stating, “She had a mother who she always thought was Mama Rose. I don’t want to get into the details, but the point is she knows. She’s got it in her. She’s going to be much more than people expect.”

Rosalind Russell and Bette Midler have starred in previous film versions of Gypsy.

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11 thoughts on “It’s Confirmed: Streisand Returning to Big Screen in ‘Gypsy’ Remake

  1. OH GOD! HERE WE GO!!!!!!!! NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY can EVER TOP MIDLER in THAT ROLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (especially her).

  2. I somehow like the fact that Babs is following Bette; Bette has always been the true leader when it comes to originality, talent and charisma. If Streisand wants to imitate that, then good luck to her: she sure will need it!

  3. This is a very bad idea. With ALL of the other versions (Bette’s being the best), all I can wonder is WHY? It just doesn’t make sense.

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! UGH that is just like her, well she can never and will never EVER come close to being a great mamma rose, i hope this flops!!! Bette was made for the role of gypsy, streisand was made to paint oprah’s microphone to match her outfit, and nothing more!

  5. this will be a nail in the coffin of theatrical release musicals… may not be the final nail, but it will be a BIG one…. this will fail miserably…. and most critics will say ” Babs is too old to play this part, she could be their GRANDmother….” its a pathetic statement on an actor’s career when they play a part that is so obviously wrong for them. Its another case of Ego overshadowing Intellect .

  6. You guys are being too hard on Streisand. I’m a true Bettehead and I hope Streisand has a hit with this new project if it is really for real. I love musicals and I always want them to succeed.

    I wouldn’t talk about Barbra’s age because Miss M is just 3 years younger and I want Bette to work way into her 70s and even 80s. Lena Horne had a studio album released in 2007 when she was 89!

    The reality I see is that, if this film takes off, it shows that Streisand is still bankable as a movie star, which is impressive for her age. Plus, Barbra may be given producing and directing duties! That’s a big deal. The Divine One hasn’t had a big budget film since “The Stepford Wives” 7 years ago, in which she wasn’t the main star.

    I, for one, think that Miss M’s work on “Gypsy” was fantastic and she was recognized for it. What I’d love to happen is a film version of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Sunset Boulevard with The Divine One. I’d love to listen to “With One Look” and “As If We Never Said Goodbye” in Miss M’s voice.

  7. Marcus – If Bette was going to do Mama Rose NOW, I wouldn’t think it was a very good idea because she is 65. Since Barbra is, as you stated, 3 years OLDER, it’s a very bad idea. The actress who plays Mama Rose should be in her 40’s-50’s as Bette was in 1993.

    BTW, I completely agree with you regarding Sunset Blvd. I just want Bette to do more movies period.

  8. Sorry Marcos,

    I completely DISAGREE with you and 2nd Stephen. Babs has talent, but she’s TOO OLD to play Mama Rose, WAY TOO OLD… Bette was PERFECT for the role..she had JUST the spunk and FIRE that character needed……it’s totally an ego trip in my opinion…..and as far as Bette being recognized for her role as Mama Rose, I couldn’t DISAGREE more! I’ll never forget the Emmy’s that year, they had Bette open the show with “Rose’s Turn” and then gave the the damn thing to Kirstie Alley! WTF!!!!! Bette showed them when she won the Emmy for “Diva Las Vegas.” I’ll never forget Bette at the Podium saying “THIS IS FOR GYPSY!” LOL !!!! I died laughing!
    Barbara’s good, but Bette’s better & has it all I’m sorry NOBODY puts on a better show not even Miss $1,000 a ticket herself…..Bette’s show was better, you got a front row seat, 2 drinks, and a meet N Greet for that price! AMEN !

  9. Matthew:

    “…even Miss $1,000 a ticket herself…..Bette’s show was better, you got a front row seat, 2 drinks, and a meet N Greet for that price! AMEN !”

    I agree Miss M is a greater entertainer than Streisand. But the sentence you wrote alone shows Barbra’s power. Her prices are paid by her general public, The Divine One had only a few high-rollers each night paying those prices.

    “…Bette was PERFECT for the role..she had JUST the spunk and FIRE that character needed…”

    They are actors, if they don’t have spunk and fire naturaly, they’ll fake it. That’s how Charleze Theron got her Oscar for “Monster”, Elizabeth Taylor for “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” etc.

    But I give it to you, guys, when you say that Streisand is old for the part. But after what they did with Jeff Bridges in “Tron – Legacy” age is not a definitive problem anymore.

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