The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: an induction ceremony worth watching

This year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony worth watching
Posted on 20 March 2011.
By Carol Anne Szel

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2011 induction ceremony will air tonight on Fuse tv at 9pm PT/8Central broadcasting the Waldorf Astoria gala event which took place this week in NYC.

Inducting music performers Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Dr. John, Darlene Love, Tom Waits, record executive Jac Holzman, Specialty Records founder Art Rupe and legendary Sideman Leon Russell, this class of 2011 proved to be one of the most well-rounded group in recent years.

With the media room abuzz at the night’s occasion, crooner Neil Diamond, who has racked up sales of more than 125 million albums worldwide with such hits as “Sweet Caroline” and “Holly Holy,” Diamond told Goldmine that although he was glad to be back in New York between gigs on his tour in Australia, he hadn’t been to his hometown of Brooklyn this time around.
As Catherine Zeta-Jones sat in the seat next to Bruce Springsteen at a table that looked like the awkward ”˜singles’ table at a wedding, Elton John was perched at a table up front right under the stage podium, Alice Cooper walked around in front of media clad in a bloody tuxedo shirt with an albino python snake slithering around his neck. Telling Goldmine that he was indeed proud to pass the shock-theatrical style of rock over into the capable hands of his “son” as he called him, Rob Zombie, to which the usually stoic Zombie proudly gave a smile.

The 5-hour taped event, which inevitably will be cut down immensely for broadcast, featured joy filled performance by Springsteen and Darlene Love, who gushed with joy at being honored at the ceremony. Bette Midler, in fact, who inducted Love that night, stood on the stage doing the honor and prodded Hall of Fame founding member Jann Wenner saying that it was okay with her that she wasn’t being inducted, smiling in a taunting comical way, “even though I’m getting older,” she laughed.

It’s a must-see on Fuse tv tonight. Great night had by all, well deserving musical legends inducted. Job well done.

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