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BetteBack: Jagger – No Obstacle Too Big To Work With Midler

The Daily Herald
Lisa Robinson
Monday, January 16. 1984

The Rolling Stones will release their second single from the “Under Cover” album in about a week. That song will be “She’s Hot,” and the band is planning to return to Mexico to do another video for it.

But in the meantime, Mick Jagger will soon be seen in another video, and not with any of the other Stones. Jagger has joined with Bette Midler on the song he wrote and she recorded on her last album — “Beast of Burden,” for Midler’s new video.

Jagger had to go through a variety of logistic obstacles to get to New York City in time to do the video with Midler. First he flew from vacation in Barbados to Mexico to be best man at Keith Richards‘ wedding.

Then he chartered a private plane to get back to New York City in time not only for Midler’s video, but to make an appearance at a baby shower for his girlfriend, expectant mother Jerry Hall.

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