Is Lady Gaga’s Next ‘Mermaid’ Themed Video Just A Rip Or A Tribute To Delores DeLago?

Lady Gaga’s Mermaid-Themed Music Video Is Still A Go
July 12, 2011

Those of us who were eagerly anticipating Lady Gaga’s music video take on The Little Mermaid have reason to rejoice: it seems the “fishy” idea originally intended for the lackluster “Edge Of Glory” visual has legs after all, and is being repurposed for the veiled party girl’s next vid. In an interview with Taiwan’s Channel V (filmed in Sydney), the recent Current Affair guest reveals that her mermaid creation Yuyi is “incubating” and will be “born” in her visual spectacle for the as-yet-unannounced next single from Born This Way. (But hopefully, we will be spared actually witnessing Mother Monster give birth this time.)

Unfortunately we don’t yet know which single the mermaid tale will go along with – “You And I”? “Marry The Night”? “Heavy Metal Lover”? We do know Gaga’s next aquatic adventure is bound to be a touch more daring than, say, Sebastian the crab singing “Under The Sea.” (May we suggest an instrumental cameo by a banded bulbous snarfblat?) It’s good to hear that this splashy-sounding idea will still be part of our world after all.

Or maybe we’ve got it all wrong, and it’s really just a tribute to fellow New York-lover Bette Midler?

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