‘Mermaidgate’ Goes International;Bette Offers Olive Branch;Gaga’s Silent;Little Monsters In Denial

Mister D: There’s not much to add to all the posts I’ve already made. The majority of publications, of course, are saying Bette wins the mermaid challenge. However, there is discrepancy as to whether Gaga knew what she was doing (did she not know about Delores Delago, was it an unspoken homage, or just a blatant rip-off). And GaGa and Bette fans are the ones battling it out. Although we have the truth on our side as to who was first, the little monsters just don’t seem to care about history or legacy….it’s really not worth arguing with them. Gaga’s their Queen and Bette is ours.

I’d like to share two well written comments with you. Hope the author’s don’t mind:


This “tiff” is creating quite a stir. It’s now on the front page of AOL with a story on Huffington Post’s showbiz section:


I think Bette has really shown class with her last tweet of reconciliation: “let’s have a drink together at the Emmy’s”¦.mermaids can coexist”..

Having read numerous blogs on the topic, the controversy is definitely mixed: Gaga fans saying Bette is over the hill and needs to retire and make room for the younger generation, and Bette fans saying Gaga stole her act (very true”“Gaga was also accused of stealing a Madonna song as well”“so much for the originality!).

I have to agree with the blogger that said at minimum Gaga should apologize to Bette for the intentional plagiarism. Also, it would have been a nice gesture on Gaga’s part to acknowledge Bette for the mermaid/wheelchair bit. A “tip of the hat” to Bette, would have been the appropriate thing for Gaga to do”“but then that would require that Gaga was a “Lady”.

It’s not too late for Gaga to do so. All she has to tweet is: “I’ve always been a huge admirer of Bette’s, and my mermaid/wheelchair bit is my way of paying homage to one of the greatest singer/actor/comediennes of all time”“Bette Midler“.

It really is time that people start crediting Bette for paving the way for their successes. Demonstrating admiration and tribute to someone can only enhance one’s reputation. Show a little class, Gaga, and share some of the credit.

Divine Grace:

Bette Midler “opened the door for trashy singers with bad taste and big tits””¦and fins.

I’m a Lady Gaga fan but am having to eat some serious crow here after defending her during the “Express Yourself“/ “Born This Waychord progression clone wars.

There’s nothing left out there that’s truly original; I get that. But Lady Gaga isn’t even trying to make her art look like her own anymore. I half expect her to start wearing a single rhinestone glove and moonwalking any day now.

She’s a gifted musician but people are going to stop paying attention to her art if she keeps painting with other artists’ colors.

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3 thoughts on “‘Mermaidgate’ Goes International;Bette Offers Olive Branch;Gaga’s Silent;Little Monsters In Denial

  1. Well, it seems blatantly obvious that this Divine Grace character is a genius.

    Thanks for the nod, Mister D.!

    I really do love me some Lady Gaga. I hope that old and new schools will work this out together. Because seriously, as far as I am concerned, there would be no little monsters if Miss Midler hadn’t made camp a commercial art form.

    The real irony here is that poor Delores has FINALLY hit the big time!

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