BetteBack: The Battle For Top Billing!

Winnipeg Free Press
November 29, 2011

Shelley Long and Bette Midler both have reputations for making l i fe a little miserable for everyone on f i lm locations. So it comes as no surprise that representatives for the two actresses went to war over who got top bi l l ing in the upcoming f i lm Outrageous Fortune, due out in February. Long’s rep says her top billing was guaranteed, because she was the
f i r st star signed for the f i l m.

But Mi d l er is coming off a couple of ma jor hits. Chopped liver, she a in’ t. Af t er negotiations that went on for several hours, it was f i n a l ly agreed that Long would get top bi l l ing in half of the U.S. and Midl er would get that bi l l ing in the other h a l f.

OK, wh at about f o r e i gn releases and videocassettes? “We will cross those bridges when we come to them,” says a harried studio executive.

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