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I feel lucky to be busy: Mandy Moore

AT caught up with Mandy Moore on working with Robin Williams, balancing her films, music and her idols

In your film choices, you get to work with a lot of great people.


Yeah. I’m a lucky girl, huh?

Is it luck or do you set out to work with certain actors?


Well, no, not necessarily. I mean, there’s obviously a million people I’d love the opportunity to work with. But who’s to say. I guess, it’s just the luck of the draw.

Do you make lists like Sadie in License to Wed?


Well, I don’t necessarily make lists, but I think I related to the idea of ‘she’s quite ambitious and she has definitely set her sights on having a career, and that’s a very important part of her life.’ But I kind of think of my day-to-day life and things that annoy me, that I kind of suppress and keep in, and then eventually, it comes out in a bigger way than it probably should.

What’s it like working with someone like Robin Williams or Diane Keaton?


There’s no way not to be in awe when you’re working with these people, like they’re legitimate legends. Especially someone like Diane, whom I completely have on a pedestal. She’s an idol of mine. They’re just fantastically talented people.

How is it to go back and forth between broad comedies and small independent films?


I have fun, kind of going back and forth and doing a little bit of both.

On top of all your movie releases, your album’s coming out, right?


Yes. I co-wrote the whole record. It’s got sort of a folky, pop tinge to it. And it’s reflective of the music that I listen to. It’s pretty organic and live sounding, and I’m just excited for people to finally hear it.

Who do you listen to?


Love Joni Mitchell. Love, love, love Patty Griffin, Rufus Wainwright, Wilco, people I collaborated with, Lori McKenna, The Weepies, Rachael Yamagata . I love a lot indie artists.

You have movies, you have the album, now you have a tour?


No rest for the weary right now. To be quite honest , I like having a full plate. I feel lucky to be busy. Right now, I think I have this forward momentum and I feel great, you know?

Is there anyone that you look up to and want to meet?


I’d love to meet Bette Midler. I’m a huge fan. And she’s a household name, she’s done it in her own way, her own terms and she’s done theatre and TV and movies and recording, and that’s kind of everything I hope to accomplish.

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