Attn All BetteHeads!!! TV Show Based In London Looking For Bette Midler SuperFans

Mister D: Although this show is based in London, they did not specifically ask for (Y)UK’s. I asked, but they didn’t respond to that question. Therefore I’m opening this mother to all BetteHeads around the world – especially to that crusty fan that got upset  when Graham Norton asked me for some of my Bette memorabilia. Here’s your chance Bitch – either put up or shut up! 🙂  Anyway, good luck to everyone! Pass the word!:

“We are looking for Superfans for a new TV Show about celebrities and their Superfans. Are you a massive Bette Midler fan or do you have any Bette Midler memorabilia?

If this sounds like you and you are interested in applying to be on the show then please get in touch and let us know why you are Bette Midlers biggest fan as well as any Bette Midler related stories you may have – we’d love to hear from you!

Please send an email to Molly at :

We hope you hear from you soon!

Knickerbockerglory TV

Thank you for your time Mister D, we really appreciate your help.”

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9 thoughts on “Attn All BetteHeads!!! TV Show Based In London Looking For Bette Midler SuperFans

  1. I sent an email as well, since now i live in Brighton. But i dont have any of my Bette stuff with me. They are all in Romania. Do you think Bette will come to England ? Or why are they doing this show?

    1. No I doubt Bette will have anything to do with it. Sounds like the uk is trying to do a show like the Aussies called The Collectors…..each week they look at some fans memorabilia and make a show about it….

  2. Did they go to people houses in that show cos most of my stuff is in boxes dueto just moving back- p.s I havent heard anything back so far!

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