Tid-Bettes: Showgirl UK, Stephen Visits Julien’s, My Fair Lidy Trailer

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10 thoughts on “Tid-Bettes: Showgirl UK, Stephen Visits Julien’s, My Fair Lidy Trailer

  1. Well, I`m not his friend, therefore I can’t see the pics…:-(

    Can you tell him I’m crazy, but I’m a good person? 🙂 LOL!

  2. LOL! I loved that description! Only my closest friends and my boyfriend of 10 years (we do ignore the 3 years we were apart…LOL) have said something along those lines…Love you moooooore!!!!! LMAO!!!!!


  3. Wait…best friend? HEY! I like that! So you better write an email to your BEST friend…otherwise you won’t have your reservation for the Fiesta in Rio. 😛 LOL!

  4. Liar….LMAO! Had a shitty day at work today, going to bed…and without your email! 😛 Do I have to get a plane and kick your American ass over there? LOL!

  5. huys????? had to look that ONE up in the dictionary and couldn’t find it…now you have to write to me to explain it…LOL!

    P.S: or was that a typo? LOL!

    1. It was a typo….I forgot to tell you since i got out of the hospital i can’t read, so it’s hard to type. Guess I need to go to the eye doctor!

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