TID-Bettes: Added To Thru 02-04-08

  • The Official Site for The Women is up and running. Whoever told me about that, please write me or make a comment below. Nothing much on it, but it’s there: Click Here (I’m pretty sure it was Nicola, so thank you!)
  • Check out Bette’s new Brass, so you can kiss it, The Fat City Horns. Looks like their site is brand new and it’s always nice to cozy on up to the band members. Anyway, you might want to welcome them to Bette’s world: Click Here A nice, funny little read is Choreography Day: Click Here
  • To see band, Harlettes, and writer info: Click Here
  • Miss Macaire (AND CRIS FROM BBBRRRRAAAAAZIL!!!!) came up with a nice idea. She thought it would be fun to send in your Oprah letters here and I could post them on a special page. I’ll do that within the next few days. There won’t be a comment secton so people can’t judge you if you’re worried about that. Just email me your story.

    In fact I’ll open it up to anybody who wants to write “why they are Bette’s biggest fan” or better yet your story and why she inspires you so much. There has to be reason, therefore explore, contemplate, write your thoughts down, and then later just add them up and put it all together into a cohesive piece. It doesn’t have to be heavy or dramatic….just what you feel… Also if Bette suddenly decides to look at the internet, maybe she’ll run across that page and she’ll see why she’s so adored.

  • Ms. Mish wrote in to inform us that “Then She Found Me” will be playing at the the Miami Film Festival. You can Click Here and find the damn date – I’m only one person, dammit – I try and I try, but all I get are disses and hisses – how bout a little “ya did goody goody Mister D – we love ya like you were the latest ET rage!” Well, I think it’s also playing in Sedona, so just google it already!
  • And a reminder, Spence, a long time Bettehead, is heading a fundraiser in Kansas (yes, the home of the original Dorothy) of all places. He needs the “Friends of Dorothy’s” help…and yes the “friends” of the “friends of Dorothy” can help, too, please (that would be the breeders who read this page…I just dig that name!) It’s for a great cause…his goal is $2000.00. Currently, he’s at $450.00. That’s fine – he does have a few days to go, but he should be doing a helluva lot better when we could be helping him out…after all, he’s one of us. I contributed and I’m broke…so some of you just open up your hearts and wallets and give to a great cause – here’s what it is:

    AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City

    The mission of the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City is to raise awareness and funding for local AIDS service organizations that provide emergency services, medical care, long term nursing and shelter to the women, men and children living with HIV/AIDS in our community. AIDS WALK 2008 marks the 20th year in which individuals, families and friend will come together to take life-changing steps in the fight against HIV/AIDS in our home town. We hope you will join us for an event so big, you simply can’t ignore it.

    After the walk, Spence will be doing his tribute to the Divine Miss M himself:

    “Experience the Divine: A Tribute to Bette Midler”

    Monday, March 31st @ 8pm Bar Natasha, 1911 Main KCMO 64108
    No Cover. A Benefit for Team Buckët/Kansas City AIDSWalk 2008.

    So, if you can take that little bit of time, you can donate to his Charity (and thank you in advance – and good luck Spence): CLICK HERE

    No amount is ever too small if everyone gives. xxxxoooo Mister D (and just kidding about Kansas…I love ya!)

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13 thoughts on “TID-Bettes: Added To Thru 02-04-08

  1. Miss Mish wronte in to say what? LOL! I guess there is something missing in the post…loved the idea of the page…but I guess once I sugested that to you too..LOL!
    Love you.

  2. I got sidetracked dammit, Cris…LOL I’m going to kill myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL….Okay, I remember you asked me to do that so I’ll give you credit, too….

    Now back to Ms. Mish….sorry!!!!

  3. Ya did goody goody Mister D! We love ya like you were the latest ET rage!

    No, seriously, without the sarcasm… you did goody goody! 🙂

    Seriously, THANK YOU Mr. D!!! For all of your hard wok, your dedication to US, your dedication to Ms. Midler, your dedication to this site and your dedication to the ongoing efforts of letting new fans come to love Bette as much as we do!! You truly are…( ya knew this was coming, but you KNOW I mean it!) ” You are the Wind Beneath out Wings!”
    Love you D.! 🙂 thank you

  5. why thank you jacob….i hope people read that part with my oh so distint tongue in cheek in ass….i don’t know what that means but wtf? i feel good…don’t look good,,,just feel good! 😉 Ya’ll all have a good nite, ya hear!

    Love, D

  6. You’re such a sweetheart! I don’t mind the Dorothy gags…when Daisy performed at Bar Natasha, it was hosted by this hysterical lesbian who had a character named “Dirty Dorothy”, and she sounds just like Judy Garland but has a real potty mouth. It’s pretty hysterical.

    And, in Grammy talk opinions, I’m really wanting to see Amy Winehouse perform. I don’t know about other people’s opinions. Girl is crazy -but she STARTED crazy. It’s half the inspiration of her material. She’s not like some girls *cough* who release three albums, a greatest hits album, THEN goes crazy. Is anyone else a closet fan of Amy Winehouse or am I alone here? LOL

    -One more point of interest, I’m putting together the set list for my Bette Midler tribute -of course, all the Bette classics will be in “Wings”, “Rose”, “Distance”, “Shiver Me Timbers”, “Friends”…but what are some other Bette songs that maybe you don’t hear Bette do very often that might be interesting to cover?

  7. Oh dear, dear Jacob….you’re nobody til somebody spits on you….LOL

    She reminds me of me when I was in college…drunk, out of control, walking around parties nude, except for boots and a winter coat…I was a real prize! LOL But I didn’t spit…it was hard enough just to talk! 🙂

    Love, D

  8. You ARE fabulous, Mr.D, do I have to remind you all the time? Ok, again, you are the greatest, we love you like you were the latest ET rage! LOL!

    Oh, about the credit…just write me and email giving me some advice to my love life and I’ll forgive you…:-P Love ya.

  9. Hello Mister D,

    Yes it was me that sent in the women link. I noticed ANDY wrote in a wee message about how much we all love you! And it’s so true! Can’t wait to see you web cast!

    Love you more than you’ll ever know (or want lol)!



    For some strange reason my email wont let me send in those pix of Bette and Robin Williams. They’re really funny – Bette looks drunk and robin looks like he’s holding her up! As soon as i can i will get them sent!

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